Courses for the 500+ hour Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Educator program will begin October 2019 at Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne.

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Courses may be taken individually, or, upon successful completion of the entire 500 hour course, students may become a Certified Body-Mind Centering® Somatic Movement Educator, and a Registered Somatic Movement Educator through ISMETA (The International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association).

Module 1:
Senses and Perception 1, 11-14 October 2019 (4 days)
Skeletal System, 17-27 October 2019 (9 days, with days off 20/10 & 24/10)

Module 2:
Organ System, 14-21 February 2020 (7 days)
Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) 24 Feb – 1 March 2020 (7 days)

Module 3:
Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses (RRR), 2-8 September 2020 (6 days)
Ontogenetic Development, 11-15 September 2020 (5 days)

Module 4:
Fluid System, 6-12 February 2021 (6 days)
Nervous System, 15-22 February 2021 (7 days)

Module 5:
Endocrine System, 3-7 September 2021 (5 days)
Ligamentous and Fascial System, 10-17 September 2021 (7 days)

Module 6:
Muscular System, 13-23 February 2022 (9 days)
SME Competency, 26 February 2022 (1 day)
Professional Issues 1, 27-28 February 2022 (2 days)

This training is for you if you
•are inspired by the process of embodiment
•want to develop ways to move in consciousness and presence
•have an interest in embodied anatomy and developmental movement
•want to teach movement and hands-on in any setting
•are an artist, therapist, educator or researcher and want to include Body-Mind Centering® in your work

The first four courses of the Infant Developmental Movement Educator (IDME) Program are also offered as part of the SME Program.