Commonalities & Distinctions: Body-Mind Centering® & Contact Improvisation

This is also something very common between BMC and CI. We are very direct, and we explore. You can be direct and precise and explore at the same time. It does not have to be like an answer; we start from a point. And also this way of transmitting has a lot to do with performance. You teach and you convey—with gestures—while looking at each other. Communication has embodiment all the time; BMC has really developed that part of it.

Otto Ramstad

Our educational director, Otto Ramstad, spoke with Gregory Chevalier about his lifelong movement practices, and connections between BMC and Contact Improvisation. The interview, published in the Winter 2019 edition of Contact Quarterly, is available here by kind permission of CQ. Otto, who started dancing at six years of age with BMC practitioner Suzanne River, discusses his recent project Lineage, and the ways that BMC and Contact Improvisation explore activism, empathy, touch, and more.

Download the full article here: Chevalier and Ramstad CQ Winter Spring 2019

CQ Winter/Spring 2019

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